Introducing the Indigo Design Award - Indigo Award
Indigo Design Award: celebrating the best in digital and graphic design. We aim to advance the appreciation and exposure of extraordinary digital designs worldwide.
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Introducing the Indigo Design Award

Introducing the Indigo Design Award

We started by asking a simple question, “what’s the most effective way to serve and promote the design community?”

The question was borne out of personal frustration and a desire to do something different. As experts in the field of design, we’d participated in and worked with many esteemed design competitions whose function seemed to be to harness the talent of their participants to increase their own prestige. While many of these competitions have produced awe-inspiring work and launched successful careers, we thought, we can improve this.

We took a long look at the competition model and asked, “is this best for the designers?” The answer is no. The model is best for the competitions- not for the designers.

So began our journey to develop a competition whose goal wasn’t to elevate our status but to be the prism through which international, cutting-edge talent shone through. Indigo Design is this vessel. We are a new kind of competition that celebrates and promotes innovation, prodigy and the very best of Graphic, Digital, Mobile and Games design. We will be holding our first Indigo Design Award Ceremony in Tokyo in 2018. Already the competition is generating tons of interest from design pioneers who see the value in what we have to offer and are flocking to participate in our jury. We expect our competition to be a truly unique experience!

Indigo Design exists to serve. We want to know what moves you. We want to share and spread your unique worldview.

We are looking for unsung heroes, the ones who work behind the scenes to create a killer brand identity that takes a company to the next level. We want the creative geniuses who dream up intricate fantasy realms for online games. The master architects who push the limits of imagination to design website interfaces that are as inventive as they are intuitive.

Are you an artist in the field of UX, Interface and Navigation? Let us promote you. Can you compose Mobile Apps that seamlessly integrate user experience with a truly beautiful end product? Let us celebrate you. Do you use sound effects and music to expertly enhance a website? Let us serve you and help take your career to the next level. It’s not about us. It’s about you- glorifying your vision by presenting it on a global stage.


We accept completed and conceptual designs that are five years old or less in the fields of Graphic, Digital, Mobile and Games design. Submit as many entries as you want to as

PDF, JPEG, or PNG files. If you have any questions on how to submit, feel free to contact us and please understand that we can’t accept submissions that don’t conform to our guidelines.

Plagiarized work will be immediately disqualified. All entries to Indigo Design must be 100% original and free of bigotry, sexism, homophobia or other hate speech. If you have any questions on your eligibility feel free to contact us.

For precise details on how to enter your work and what specific categories you can apply for, please visit our website. Submit your work by our Extended Early Bird Deadline of November 30, 2017, and get 10% off your entry fee! The final deadline for work is February 28, 2018.

Once your work is submitted it will be reviewed by our carefully selected jury. Each member was chosen because of their proficiency, skill and creativity in their specialized field. We are confident in their ability to choose exceptional work. You will benefit from Indigo Design’s promotional and marketing outreach throughout the process, lending credibility and distinction to your portfolio and work.

Our premier Indigo Design Award Ceremony will be held in Tokyo in 2018, where we will announce the winners of each category. We’ve specifically designed the ceremony so that all Golden, Silver and Bronze category winners will walk away with the distinguished Winner’s Seal, marking them as exemplary players in their field of expertise.

If you seek excellence and creativity in the field of design, let us serve you. Submit your work here.

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