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Interview with Marcos Chavez

Co-founder and creative director of TODA

“Being a designer is not easy (if you’re doing it right) but if you set the goal of simply improving yourself just a little bit every day, then what you can achieve in four years will be quite remarkable."

Interview with Michelle Tang

Visual Designer

“To me, the biggest challenge is communicating with different parties. Before I can start exploring and having fun with the visuals, I have to work with different parties to research, plan, and organize— things that really bore me as a designer. 

2019 Indigo Design Award Ceremony in Malaga, Spain

2019 Indigo Awards in Malaga, Spain, was a huge success, and we eagerly welcome a brand new year filled with blazing new talent.

Interview with Michael Parson

Founder of Typogama

’Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.’ - I like this quote since I find the creative journey so inconstant— you [can be] on top of the world one day and feel completely deflated the next.

Interview with Karl-Magnus Boske

Founder of Boske Design

“I love graphic design and believe in its power to change, make a difference, and engage.”

Indigo Design Award Announces 2019 Design Winners 

Indigo Awards is set to announce this year’s main category winners on May 23rd at the Museo Picasso in Malaga, Spain.

Interview with Sumayya Alsenan

Art Director of Neoscape

“I like to think of any projects as problems. Break the big problem into smaller problems and try to resolve them one by one."

Interview with Alex Donne Johnson

Creative Director of Dazzle Ship

“I′d say the biggest influence has definitely been negative learning experiences. You can learn so much more from mistakes, both yours and other people’s rather than when everything is going smoothly. For this reason, I think it′s important to find ways to push yourself out of your comfort zone"

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