Alex Ivanov - Jury - Indigo Design Award
Indigo Design Award: celebrating the best in digital and graphic design. We aim to advance the appreciation and exposure of extraordinary digital designs worldwide.
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Alexey Ivanov

Alex Ivanov

A product designer, currently based in San Francisco.
Previously at IDEO and SYPartners.

Alexey (Alex) Ivanov is a seasoned user experience professional and product designer with more than ten years of experience in the field. He has worked with renowned agencies like IDEO and SYPartners, as well as with large product companies like Philips Design and Yandex.

Alexey is helping companies create, shape and test new products and services, from product strategy and hypothesis testing to UX design and prototyping.

Systems thinker and generalist, Alexey uses skills in design research, usability testing, interaction design, visual design, cross-platform system design, presentation, and storytelling to create accessible products that people need. He has helped prototype or launch more than 40 projects in Russia, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the US.

His projects have been featured at WIRED, FastCo.Design, Slate, DesignInbada, Swiss Miss, Cool Hunting, UX Matters, LookAtMe (RU), The Firm’s Secret (RU), L-Orem (JP), among others. He has been recognized with international design and creativity awards (D&AD, Creativity International Awards, DesignsOn). He’s been invited to give keynotes at UX Design conferences and in design schools across Europe.

Beyond product design and user testing, Alexey is curious about company culture design, soft skills development, and teamwork. He has given workshops and lectures on group dynamics and organizational design and has developed The Team Canvas, a consulting tool that facilitates group alignment by helping teams to get on the same page.

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