6 Indigo Juror Instagrams To Follow For Fresh Inspiration

Amsterdam, the Netherlands | 20 Oct 2020

You know that you’re going to scroll through your Insta feed anyway, so why not make it productive?
Instagram is more than just a repository for pretty pictures and breathtaking travel shots; it’s also a goldmine for fresh design inspiration. Fill your feed up with movers and shakers in the industry, and you’ll find that your creative spark is charged. 
Our esteemed Indigo jurors are a great place to start, so check out these six exceptional Instas.

TienMin Liao

TienMin Liao revolutionalized modern type with her unique riffs on existing styles and Kanji lettering, an adaptation of traditional Chinese lettering. NYC-based Liao is globally recognized as an Indigo juror, and known as a 2018 Ascender by the Tokyo TDC, amongst other honors. 

She’s also worked with several Fortune 100 companies on their marketing and branding efforts. TienMin Liao’s Instagram is full of playful fonts and symbols, as well as stunning examples of Kanji lettering. Follow her for a lesson in simplicity and creating new styles out of old.

Jon Noorlander

Jon Noorlander is obsessed with 3D art. It shows on his Instagram, which is a bizarrely fantastical romp into the mind of the creator, complete with fuzzy characters that could only come from an apex imagination.

Jon Noorlander vociferously consumes and learns new technology, which helps him fine-tune and focus his 3D skills, so expect more creative work to pop up on his feed in the future. Jon Noorlander is the one to follow if you want to immerse yourself in the funky fusion of real-life and the imaginary world, all rendered in brightly colored 3D.

Nina Geometrieva

Are you interested in reading about “the boring everyday life of a cyborg” or merely checking out some stunning designs set against an industrial and pretty post-apocalyptic background? Nina Geometrieva’s Instagram is for you. Nina Geometrieva plays with lighting and monochromatic palettes to significant effect, and you’ll find yourself going down a rabbit hole into her brilliant design.

Nine Geometrieva is also the design lead for Grab, Southeast Asia’s answer to Uber, so she packs a massive punch on the indie and corporate fronts. What’s more, this influential designer is totally self-taught.

Jeroen van Eerden

Jeroen van Eerden is best known for designing simple but impactful logos, influenced by clear design and robust implementation. His work proves that less is more, with a minimalistic flair that caught the attention of industry heavyweights like Tinder and Disney.

Scrolling through his Instagram feed is social media meditation, an escape from the sometimes busy or overwhelming design world, and a reminder that the best things in life are often the simplest. Think of it as a palate cleanser.

Jennet Liaw

Often, the design is dictated by bold colors and patterns, but Jennet Liaw knows the power of tapping into her softer side. Her dreamy designs often use softer colors and shapes to great effect. Jennet Liaw is a former Nike designer, whose unconventional work schedule has her burning the midnight oil to come up with her fantastic designs.
If you need a break from some of the harsher designs on the internet, or simply want to tap into your soft but powerful side, give Jennet Liaw’s Instagram a scan.

Bertone Studio

Argentinian Eduardo Bertone is an acclaimed artist in his own accord. Still, his Instagram takes it to the next level with richly illustrated renditions of his work by both the artist himself and Michiyo Sato, an illustrator from Bertone Studio.

Eduardo Bertone is one of the world’s preeminent illustrators, best known for psychedelic patterns and bright, engaging prints, many of which contain clever throwbacks to decades past. 

Next time you find yourself scrolling Instagram aimlessly, take a second and add these six Indigo jurors as well as Indigo Design Award for an injection of design inspiration. 

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