Brilliant Branding: Inspired Designs That Shine

Amsterdam, the Netherlands | 17 Nov 2020

Good branding is a vital linchpin that keeps your business fresh and relevant. Stodgy, old, or confusing branding makes you look unprofessional- regardless of how innovative your business is. 

All marketing, design, and promotion campaigns revolve around your branding vision, which is why Indigo Design Award has an entire category devoted to brilliant branding that helps companies level up.

Whether it’s unexpected twists on classic concepts or an out-of-the-box idea that just works splendidly, these rebrands show the power of excellent and deliberate design. 

Hillside Re-branding by EME Design Studio

Hillside Coffee and Donut Co. 

EME Design Studio’s rebranding of Hillside Coffee and Donut Co. proves once and for all that simplicity, and deliberate color use work wonders when it comes to elevating a brand. With bright, saturated blue, muted yellows, and classic millennial pink set against a stark white background, Hillside Coffee and Donut Co.’s new design invokes ideas of the company’s Southwest roots, as well as its modern evolution. It’s a simple design that succeeds by not trying too hard.  

Willow Biosciences 2020 Rebrand by Critical Mass

Willow Biosciences 

Willow Biosciences is on the cutting-edge of industrial manufacturing, a critical player in developing, honing, and maximizing pharmaceutical ingredients from plants. They wanted a design that struck the right note between science and nature and made their company accessible to the public for their rebrand. Critical Mass’ rebrand took Willow Biosciences into the future with a sleek design that played heavily off stark black and white branding. With dynamic fonts and deliberate use of color-saturated graphics, this easy-to-understand guide distills down essential company information in a beautiful, design-forward way.

Playful redesign for PostPony by BERT House B.V


PostPony is a substantial international player in the logistics game, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have fun with their branding. With a little help from BERT House B.V., PostPony was able to elevate its image and inject an element of play into their design. With lots of lustrous, deep, blue hues, easy-to-understand icons, and a recognizable cartoon pony, PostPony used simplicity and creative design to make the idea of logistics easy to understand. Their branding will make them seem much more accessible and win more customers. They will also stand out from the crowd.

Frontier re-branding design by Adore Marketing Co., Ltd.


Adore Marketing Co. LTD used classic designs, colors, and fonts to give sportswear company Frontier a simultaneous retro and modern look. Their colors are deliberate and representative of arteries and veins, as well as how Frontier spans both competitive and recreational sports. With this color choice, Frontier becomes accessible for everyone while simultaneously maintaining their professional sports status. It’s really a brilliant move and one that is easily replicated over all of their products. The new branding incorporates shapes as well, with hints of mountains, rivers, and forests popping up in Frontier’s products. The final look is effortless and comprehensive, and their tagline “pedal your way” ties the whole brand together.   

LeadLab Rebrand by LeadLab


LeadLab’s rebranding is a perfect example of what happens when you combine two sleek designs into one iconic element and add a touch of color. By fusing a lightbulb and a pencil, LeadLab effectively illustrates precisely what their companies do; create innovative ideas and implement them creatively and thoroughly. LeadLab’s brand needs to be utterly on-point as a branding agency, and this new design nails it. The pop of yellow against black and white is eye-catching without being overwhelming and ties it together beautifully. 

It’s not easy to achieve branding brilliance, but these companies and design houses nailed it with flying colors. For more exceptional examples of inspired design, check out all of our past winners. 

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