Indigo Award introduces a new main category: Design for Social Change

Amsterdam, The Netherlands | 02 Sep 2019

This year Indigo Award held the honor of hosting its second annual award ceremony in the spectacular heart of Costa del Sol, Spain. The stunning beach town buzzed with some of the world’s best and brightest in design, as the industry’s leading talent from over 85 countries came together to shake hands, salud their successes, and engage in a night of small bites and speeches among a community of like minds from all around the globe. Set in Malaga’s iconic Picasso Museum, the celebration was one of Indigo Award’s proudest achievements to date.
With the submissions in entry, our prestigious panel of judges were faced with an unexpected challenge: a new category had surfaced and thus a consensus was reached. There was such a high number of admissions relating to social issues that behold — a new category was born: Design for Social Change. Designers are gifted with the unique ability to reach a desired audience, influence, and bring awareness to a more conscious future through design. We feel that such an extraordinary standard has been met to advocate change, that it’s our pleasure to honor those hardworking individuals who are making a difference through their innovative brands and design concepts.
Indigo Award 2019 Design for Social Change main title went to The Industry—Mapping the Dutch Drug Economy by Submarine Channel. Here, an interactive platform guides us through 17-stories in 3D, of which the user can navigate each location backed by a narrative from weed farms to cocaine fields.

The Industry—Mapping the Dutch Drug Economy by Submarine Channel
2019 shortlisted winning entries in the category include such entries as LessRefugees by Granyon stole our hearts through a concept which helps raise awareness of the 65 million who are refugees today.

LessRefugees by Granyon

The slogan "Cancer never rests, so neither do we" by SomeOne, earned itself an accolade through a global campaign backed by Cancer Council—the only Australian charity working across every area of cancer research.

Cancer never rests, so neither do we by SomeOne

Best Friends Home by Next was too cute to go unnoticed and too critical of a case to overlook. Here, the revamping of a brand strives to promote Melbourne’s most significant animal shelter, an icon since 1910, bringing new relevance and purpose to a longstanding cause.

Best Friends Home by Next 
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To see more on this year’s winning designs for the new category please visit 2019 Indigo Award winners page.

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