Reinventing Food and Beverage Branding

Amsterdam, the Netherlands | 07 Jan 2022

2020 was a challenging year for the food and beverage industry, forcing companies to consider new ways of attracting customers through smart advertising, promotions, and branding. Our 2021 food and beverage Indigo Design Award winners reflect the shift. In addition, we saw a considerable uptick in creative, unexpected, and downright brilliant branding campaigns.

Come Come Restaurant Brand Design by Whitespace Ltd.

Come Come Restaurant Brand Design

Whitespace Ltd’s clever Come Come restaurant brand design took home five Indigo awards in 2021, including two silvers and three bronzes. Their branding campaign is deceptively simple and effective, using clever wordplay and packaging that walks the line between retro and modern. The slogan; come try, come Thai says it all.  

B.T.R. Bar Brand & Packaging Design by Riser

B.T.R. Bar Brand & Packaging Design

Riser’s B.T.R. Bar brand and packaging design campaign uses a minimalist, colorful design to stand out in the crowded nutrition bar market. It’s modern, bright, and boldly emphasizes the brands’ differentiating factor, that it’s a simple, good for you snack without any filler ingredients. Riser’s sophisticated but straightforward design won them a gold Indigo award for packaging design. 


La Vittoria Chocolate

ABC DESIGN COMMUNICATION’s packaging and branding campaign for La Vittoria Chocolate relies on beautiful imagery to get its message across. Each bag of gourmet espresso has hints of decadent South American chocolate, so the packaging background reflects these civilizations. Additionally, each bag of La Vittoria Chocolate features striking artwork of local women. Their artistry won them a gold Indigo award for packaging design.


Jean Paul Smoothies

Jap Paul Smoothies’ vibrant and vintage packaging was another win for ABC DESIGN COMMUNICATION. The team came up with a unique style that featured color palettes corresponding to smoothie flavors and an old-timey but fresh bicycle logo design. The result is functional, decorative smoothie bottles. As with their campaign for La Vittoria Chocolate, ABC DESIGN COMMUNICATION took home a gold Indigo award for packaging design. 


Swire Coca-Cola Sustainability Strategy Branding by Urban Air Design Ltd

Swire Coca-Cola Sustainability Strategy Branding

Urban Air Design, Ltd’s sustainability strategy branding campaign for Swire Coca-Cola illustrates its ongoing commitment to sustainability and good corporate practices. The campaign is directed at their stakeholders in Taiwan, the USA, China, and Hong Kong. Using white space and bright colors, the campaign tells the story of how Swire Coca-Cola will leverage its 200 years of history to commit to sustainable practices for the next ten years.

Rice 'N Fire by Chim Media, Inc.

Rice ‘N Fire

Chim Media, Inc’s Rice N’ Fire branding and design campaign took home an impressive two gold Indigo awards and two silver Indigo awards in 2021. Rice ‘N Fire hinges on a new concept; a virtual restaurant space in New York City. Its easy-to-digest design targets potential customers and makes it easy for them to order with seamless, responsive design and an intuitive navigation bar.

These designers are changing the way we look at the food and beverage industry, and we can certainly expect to see more great things from them in 2022!

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