FAQs - Indigo Award
Indigo Design Award: celebrating the best in digital and graphic design. We aim to advance the appreciation and exposure of extraordinary digital designs worldwide.
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Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions we receive about Indigo Design Award. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please email us at hello@indigoaward.com or ask for our help in our Live Chat.



What are submission fees?


$100USD for Professional designers and $50USD for each additional category within 1 entry.

$50USD for Student designers and $25USD for each additional category within 1 entry.

Indigo Award often offers Early Bird Deadlines as well, please check Deadline Schedule section for more info


What is the deadline for submission?


We have a detailed deadline schedule which you can find by scrolling all the way down on indigoaward.com homepage.


How do I enter?


1. Register here

2. Confirm your registration (confirmation email will be sent to your email)

3. Log in

4. Complete your submission form: title, category, client if applicable & URL if applicable, upload pdf and images.

5. Click next, review your entry and proceed to payment.

NOTE: You can pay with Credit or Debit Card via PayPal even without opening an account there by clicking Pay with Credit or Debit Card button.

6. Receive a confirmation email from us or review your entry on your member page.




How do I know you have received my entry?


You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your entry and you will also see an automated receipt on your member page.


If you do not receive an email confirmation within 24 hours, please email michele.t@indigoaward.com.


How can I change my entry?


Entries cannot be changed after payment is made, however, we can re-consider and make an exception if you email us hello@indigoaward.com and explain the nature of the mistake.


Where do you have to be based to participate?


Indigo Design Award is an international Award. Designers from all around the world are welcome to submit their fantastic works.


Does the entry need to be in English?


Yes, as Indigo Award is an international competition, entrants are encouraged to use English when entering Indigo Award.


Can I withdraw my entry? Will I get a refund?


You may request a refund for your transaction within 5 days after an entry has been made. Please send an email to michele@insigoaward.com to confirm eligibility for a refund. Once confirmed, refunds will be processed within 5 business days of approval. We will notify you via email once your refund is processed.


What design stood out to you, that you think we should submit?


As an organizer of this competition Indigo Award team is not allowed to recommend participants which exactly work to submit because an organizer has to stay unbiased. However, if you have received an invitation to participate that means Indigo Award designers’ team has reviewed your work prior the invitation and found it eligible and great enough to participate.


Can I enter more than one category?


Yes, you can enter your work into as many categories as you deem appropriate, and it will be evaluated separately for each instance and category it is entered. It is not uncommon for exceptional work to be honored in more than one category regardless of media type.


Who would own the copyright for submitted materials?


Copyright and all other rights remain with the designer. However, by submitting your designs in Indigo Award you are giving Indigo Award the right to use your images for marketing and promotional purposes which at any time will carry the designer’s credit line. Indigo Award may use images in any media sponsor publications.


How and when do we get results?


All winners will be announced and results posted on Indigo Award website ad newsletter sent to all subscribed members including winners and judges within 1 month after the announced final deadline. An email will automatically be sent to each entrant when results are posted.