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Interview with Lee Selsick

Director of Strategy and Design of Next Brand

“There is no balance between strategy and design, Strategy always leads to design”


Interview with Jisol Lee

Product Designer

“Stay curious and committed to continuous learning. Explore new design trends, tools, and techniques. Online courses, workshops, and design communities can be valuable resources”


Interview with Janine Leahy

Designer and Art Director

“Switching your mind to something other than design gives your brain time to figure things out subconsciously”


Interview with Jennifer Kumer

Founder & Play-based Tool Designer

“I’ve always known the themes that I design my games around are universal as well as deeply personal”


Interview with Jang Won Lee

Graphic Designer

“You will become a wonderful designer if you love designing something for yourself and others”


Interview with Erika Park, Design Director

Design Director @Two by Four

Design is more than just choosing a pretty typeface or an interesting color palette; it’s about problem-solving with intention”


Indigo Award Ceremony in Athens

Join us at the Award Ceremony in Athens May 25th, 2024

Interview with Ana Tobin

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design for George Mason University

 “Once you have a really solid concept, the design and technical skills will come”


Interview with Catherine Villeneuve

Graphic Designer

 “I like to start by applying simple design rules and then knowingly break them”


Interview with Botond Voros

Graphic Designer

“The most important aspect of a design is that it presents the necessary information in the most understandable and attractive way possible”


Interview with Misty Thomas-Trout

Associate Professor at the University of Dayton

 “Take responsibility for the power you hold as a graphic designer”


Interview with Amit Rawat

Creative Director

“Too many designers obsess over the right tools, the right gadgets, and other ‘rights.’ Design is problem-solving, so put your head down and solve it”


Interview with Tyson Phipps

Graphic Designer

“I was heavily influenced and inspired by the beautiful pattern work in Turkish rugs and artwork from an early age”


Interview with Julie Faktor

Executive Creative Director of Yonder Creative

“you need to find your own inspiration outside of design. I find it in music, art, theater, film, travel and even family. I try to tune into what’s going on around me”


Interview with Jesper Bolther

Art Director & Motion Designer

"My top advice for aspiring designers is to develop the idea first, then the design"


Interview with Bynn Shen


“In addition to graphic design, I love fashion and interior design, so I wanted to bring those interests into my design work”


Interview with Hanyue Song

Visual Communication Designer

“The design world is ever-evolving, with new trends, tools and technologies emerging constantly”


Interview with Chia Kwa

Freelance Senior Visual Designer

“I’ve seen so many different perspectives on what ‘good’ and ‘understandable’ are that I do not believe in one single ideal”


Interview with Pete Herzog

Executive Producer and Creative Director of Pixel and Texel

“I tend to feel stronger creatively and mentally when I see them and recharge”


Interview with Studio By Jacs

Interior/Graphic Designer and Sensory Design Jacs

“Graphic design is an experience in itself, so don’t hesitate to venture out and explore new places for inspiration” 


Interview with Anita Merk

President and Creative Director of Flyleaf Creative, Inc.

“I’ve always been interested in people’s stories and how design can puzzle out understanding and build visual bridges to empathy”


Interview with Grant Barratt

Creative Director of Grant Barratt Design

“Learn how to quantify the success of a great design in measurable ways with data and analytics, manage a budget and pick up some basic marketing principles”


Interview with Jay Chang

Founder and Creative Director of RF Creative Agency

"When collaborating with clients who have urgent problems to solve, strategy takes precedence, but in some cases, creativity becomes the strategy itself. It depends on the situation"


Interview with Edi Berk

Art Director And Graphic Designer

“The best advice I can give aspiring designers is to follow your feelings and emotions and get to the core of the problem to try to understand it”


Interview with Alexey Lysogorov

Graphic Designer and Art Director

“Look for inspiration in all the beauty and diversity of life, like cinema, music, and art. These places are full of attention points for designers and you can also learn from them” 


Interview with Nathanaël Gourdin

Managing Director of Studio Gourdin

“I want people to feel addressed by design. It should always be an interaction and our goal is to establish a relationship with the product”


Interview with Eddie Lin

Graphic Designer

“Being a designer, I feel fortunate and privileged because having this ability gives me the courage to dream big about what I can create for the future”


Interview with Olha Bahaieva

Lead UX/UI designer

“My best advice for aspiring designers is not to be upset when you hear negative feedback”


Interview with Edit Gyenge

Information Designer

“The ability to take complex data and turn it into a visually engaging, easily understandable story is incredibly rewarding”


Interview with Ana Camero

Art Director of QNY Creative

“If the design is beautiful but also succeeds in communicating exactly what I want, it’s on a good path”


Interview with Xiaodie Huang

Graphic Designer

“It’s important to be productive and efficient, as your team relies on you to deliver high-quality designs within a specific timeframe”


Interview with Diana Kasay

Diana Kasay, Co-founder and CEO of Readymag

“Receiving an award from the design community is a moment to celebrate your talent, passion, and creativity. Embrace it with pride!”


Interview with David Harrison Ferrell II

Senior Graphic Designer

 “I like to calendarize my projects to stay on track and ensure that I’m dedicating the right amount of time to each one”


Interview with Yanming Chen

Creative Director

“I find that engaging in diverse pursuits not only broadens my perspective but also fuels my creativity, bringing fresh insights and ideas into my design work”


Interview with Bob Derksen

Creative Partner of Today

“Strong brands are relevant, credible and distinctive to their target audience. We determine what the brand stands for”


Interview with Ina Oakley

Creative Director

“A good design requires many conversations in advance and good, precise, preliminary work about the vision and values”


Interview with Gandhar Vamburkar

Graphic Designer

“You can only survive when you have passion and genuine creativity. It takes a lot of grit to stay put, follow your instinct and deliver”


Interview with Brelyn LeCheminant

Art Director

“While I always lean into a more modern forward-thinking tone for a brand, my background infuses my design work with a timeless and classic sensibility”


Interview with Ellen Bruss

Creative Director & Head Wrangler at Ellen Bruss Design

"The more thorough our process, the better accidents we get and the closer we can get to the soul of the project"


Interview with Rick Byrne

Designer of Byrne Communications

 “Always add a much more creative or funny concept in the mix when showing your ideas to clients”


Interview with Valeria Moreiro

Co-Founder and Creative Director of Not Real

“Make time for introspection to nourish your inner connection and desires. Believe in yourself”


Interview with Viktoria Lange

Graphic Designer

“My initial goal was to become a theater professor at a university, but I pivoted into design last year”


Interview with Jonas Verheijden

Founder and Design Lead of Born Digital

"I always strive for unique digital products and brands that perfectly balance beauty and functionality"


Interview with Marco Molteni and Margherita Monguzzi

Creative Director of Jekyll & Hyde

“Believes that in order to design something distinctive, you need to understand the objective fully”


Interview with Jiyu Park

Junior Creative and Art Director of The Shift

“Designs that really put thought into communicating with the audience have inspired me a lot”


Interview with Sergei Evdokimov

UI/UX and Product Designer of Trafficcino

“I’ve taken courses in UX, visual graphics and webflow, but I’m mostly self-taught.


Interview with Frank Trana

Creative Leader of Natiwe

"My advice for aspiring designers is to learn from more experienced people regarding work discipline"


Interview with Scott Kennedy

Co-Founder and UX Director of Edition

"Always prioritize understanding your user. It’s less about formal design principles and more about genuine empathy"


Interview with Joe Taylor

Designer And Developer of L+R

“Without good UX or strategy, the UI is pointless because if you aren’t designing with that in mind, your design serves no purpose other than being pretty”


Interview with Mihai Irimescu

Architect And Product Designer

“I am from Romania, and since it’s not the wealthiest country in the world, I learned to do more with less”


Interview with Jani Paavola

Graphic Designer of Cloud9

“My advice for aspiring designers is to educate yourself no matter how”


Interview with Eva Van der Borght

Founder and Brand Designer of Anders Design Branding

“Everything will always work out in the end”


Interview with Inn Sun Park

UX/UI Designer

“I’ve always wanted to be a designer ever since I was a child”


Interview with Catherine Lemieux

Freelance Creative, Design and Art Director

“A design is perfect when you can’t remove anything”


Interview with María Cecilia Brarda

María Cecilia Brarda

“I don’t lock myself into a style or carry out the same process”


Interview with Antoine Goulet

Artistic Director of Récréation

“Sometimes a simple idea with a different angle can make all the difference”


Interview with Rui Ma

Senior Designer And Art Director

“I always get inspired by designs from different cultures”


Interview with Ivan Khanet

Branding Partner of Ivan Khanet Studio

“Design is a creative and strategic process that seeks unique and effective solutions to meet client objectives”


Interview with Mervin Tan

Co-founder of Plus Collaboratives

“The softer side of things other than design is as important as the design itself” 


Interview with Tamer El-Menyawi

Designer & Creative Director

“Be positive and optimistic, learn from your mistakes, and stay away from frustration and despair”


Interview with Peiyao(Heather) Tang

Freelance Graphic Designer

“It’s essential to maintain sensitivity to the world around you”


Interview with Timothy Ames

Freelance Graphic Designer

“Design is one of those rare professions where you can always get better seemingly without end”


Interview with Tom Dabner

Creative Director of SomeOne

“I think that I’ve always been aware of design in the world even before I knew that’s what it was”


Interview with Efe Ozalp

Senior Design Lead at Revolve Impact

“Don’t be shy about adding alternatives to your designs and solutions”


Interview with Gregory St.Fleur-Dubois

Senior Designer at Paramount

“I like to think the problems through and figure out the best ways to approach them. That really makes the design part easy”


Interview with Ghazal Foroutan

Freelance Designer

“I can’t live without my laptop, the internet, Adobe products and my sketchbook”


Interview with Crystal

Graphic & Web Designer

“The little things I collected as a kid were secret windows”


Interview with Bruno do Nascimento

UX/UI Designer

“In my opinion, we must literally get our hands dirty making initial sketches on paper collages or clay models”


Interview with Marina Braem

founder of Viz

 “The best design combines sophistication analytics clarity and liveliness”


Interview with Anna Dai

Graphic Designer

“Working as a dentist, I definitely feel that it’s helped me develop that deeper understanding of people and funnily enough how to design for people” 


Interview with Joke De Winter

Graphic Designer

"Besides growing things it's also a great time to think through and develop new ideas or solutions"


Interview with Ruining Zhang

Multimedia Designer

“I always face perpetual culture shocks throughout my life”


Interview with Yan Yan

Product Designer of Captiv8

“Design is the truth that I use to explore the world and observe the internal universe” 


Interview with Preejarumon Kaewmanee

Digital Brand Designer

"A good strategy will guide us to a good final design"


Interview with Jenny Rudziensky

Artist and Designer of L+R

“In my experience, asking someone to trust you is a useless exercise”


Interview with Enrico Putra Widjaja

Creative Designer of BEAT

“I take a lot of inspiration from my home country Indonesia, where the rich cultures and history are diverse”


Interview with Hsiao-Wen Hu

Designer of TED Conferences

“The variety and diversity of work is always very inspiring”


Interview with Keitaro Sugihara

Graphic Designer

 “I like to do things one step at a time and look at all possible variations during each stage to choose the best direction”


Interview with Tiare Hernández Payano

Senior Graphic Designer of KIND

“I always try to find ways to include a bit of this wonderful culture I love into my work”


Interview with Sarah Gamez

Inquisitive Designer

"I try to inspire myself every day"


Interview with Pablo Ladosa

Art Director and Artist of Pablo Ladosa

“My aesthetics are inspired by a digital world”


Interview with Younho Park

Motion Designer

 “I took a motion design class for the first time and found myself staying up all night to figure out how to animate and create fun motion graphics”


Interview with Giulio Patrizi Design Agency

Giulio Patrizi Design Agency

"Their ultimate goal is simple, to help brands grow with great design"


Interview with Cindy Kurniawan

UI/UX Designer of

"In creating concepts your idea can be out of the box but the execution must always be inside the box"


Interview with Noni Devora

Senior Designer of Ashton Design

"For better or worse, design is always evolving"


Interview with Bryan Louis B. De Ocampo

Founder @Palladius Studios

“The best piece of advice I ever heard was believe in yourself and chase your passion”


Interview with Jack O'Sullivan

Founder and Principal Designer @ Side By Side

 "The solutions we provide can potentially take them to heights they never thought were possible."


Interview with Jon Beattie

Chief Digital Officer @ Apolinar

 “I feel like it’s helped me be better at having empathy, particularly when we have to put ourselves in the shoes of the end user and client.”


2023 Indigo Award in Georgia - the country, not the state :)

Come experience the original Georgia - the country, not the state. This year's ceremony will be held in Tbilisi. Join us for a fantastic, cosmopolitan ceremony and mingle with some of the top designers in the world. 

Interview with Jaspriya Sahmey

Multidisciplinary designer & Senior Designer at Lippincott

“One of the greatest gifts of being a creative person is that you do not need tools to express yourself, ideas can be communicated in the simplest of ways.”


Interview with Shannel Lee

Freelance designer

"No challenge is too big if you take it step-by-step.”


Interview with Jian Sun

Founder of SunDesign

“Strive for long-term relevance. Keep it real, and don’t let your ego influence design decisions.” 


Interview with Natalie Wong

Design Director of Chello

“Listen to understand rather than listening to respond” 


Interview with Natasha Mozz

Freelance creative director

"Naturally, we tend to stay in our comfort zone of normal, and any good design is always kind of uncomfortable in a pleasant way. Normal is boring."


Interview with Lisa Liljenberg & Nathalie Anna Gill

Swedish NGO Unite 2 Learn campaign

“When in doubt, be yourself”.


Interview with Becky Gillis

Senior Designer, Chello

“It’s rewarding and exciting being able to turn a client’s vision into reality and see both digital and physical transformations.”


Interview with Amer Alissa

Graphic Designer

"When you have a talent, you should be responsible for it. You must work on it and develop it every day, all the time."


Interview with Adrianna Bilas

Creative Direction

“The best pieces of work are created when we stand for something. It’s impossible to stay truly neutral.”


Interview with Miranda Mora

Freelance Graphic Designer

“One of my long-term dreams is to create a design school in Mexico City to help young national designers with incredible talent get recognition and create fantastic work”


Interview with Elif Ergur

Owner of Elif Ergur Studio

"A great idea is nothing without great execution and vice versa".


Interview with Vilia Ingriany

Co-founder and product strategy and design lead at Sixty Two

Growing up in Southeast Asia and working as a designer in North America gave me an interesting perspective on being adaptable as a designer and ensuring that we’re designing solutions effectively for diverse cultures and contexts.


Interview with Fabrizio Ferrante

Senior Designer at Luminary Digital Agency

“The best piece of advice that I’ve ever heard is that perfection in design is not achieved when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove”


Interview with Sara Badovinac

Founder of Studio Prapra

“If you learn how to take time, focus, observe things, and remember the parts that excite you, you will have one of the greatest tools that you can have as a designer.”


Interview with Bas de Koning

Founder of Studio Duel

“Our goal is never to do the same thing twice. By holding onto this idea, you get to reinvent yourself in every new assignment.”


Interview with Kees Bakker

Founder of Kees Bakker Studio

“I try to look for ‘clever’ solutions with a bit of fun in them.”


Interview with Lucia Guillen

Lead Product Designer at Z1

"Efficiency when building a digital product is vital, and this approach helps us design based on certainties and not on assumptions.”


Interview with Casey Sheehan

Design Partner at Work & Co

"If you don’t push yourself to go forward, you’re never going to know your full potential.”


Interview with Iliana Sergeev

Head of IS Design Labs

“We stay informed by submerging ourselves in the culture and bustling life all around, by embracing the vibe and all the new and innovative experiences.”


Interview with Matt Darczynski

Independent designer and head of

“It took me a long time to find what I love, and it is design. Even though this is a paid job, I don’t look at it that way. I get to create things that other people need.”


Interview with Site Ma

Interdisciplinary designer and illustrator at Paperwhite-Studio, New York

“If I can face the fear of the worst, I won’t feel too much pressure."


Interview with Moe Selwaye

Founder and Creative Director at Selwaye Branding & Design Studio

“Pressure challenges me and becomes the motivation I need not to lose my passion.” 


Interview with Belfug Sener

Senior User Experience Designer at Motorola Solutions

“I like to observe how end-users engage with the product by themselves”


Interview with Maria Bilinska

Freelance designer and Illustrator

“Good design is the most minimal design possible”


Interview with Mark Garcia

Vice President and Creative Director of Majestyk

“I’m always thinking of creative solutions to simple problems in our day-to-day life and how we can design those experiences better.”


Interview with Damjan Krajacic

Principal and Creative Director at ActiveColor

There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that a product you designed and built had such a positive impact on humanity.


Interview with Jacob Beckett

Executive Creative Director of Multivitamin Design Studios

“The Indigo Design Awards are validation for the hard work we put in. You definitely help curtail imposter syndrome and spur us on to do our work even further, and anyone who tells you that winning awards doesn’t feel nice is a liar.”


Interview with Lisa Winstanley

Designer and Assistant Professor at the School of Art, Design & Media in Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University

“It’s important for me to try to make positive changes to society through design, or at the very least do no harm. Empathy is always my starting point.”


Interview with Simon Khalil

Creative Director of Arab News

"I've always been fascinated and excited about the relationship between powerful words and powerful visuals." 


Interview with Vanessa Castiglione

Graphic Designer

“The most rewarding part of my work is collaborating with clients and seeing their visions come to life.”


Interview with Leandro Amorim

Creative director at Café, Founder and curator of the DatavizRio community

“Everything starts by falling in love with the subject or the potential impact the work has. If we fall in love, then everything else is just a consequence.”


Interview with Fanny de Bray

Founder and Creative Director of Made for You

“Never rest on your laurels. Don't take your past achievements for granted and always keep working hard and putting yourself in question.”


Interview with Kendra Beavis

CEO of MOKA Creative

“Being a great designer is part creative talent and part psychology” 


Interview with Anthony Wood

Global Managing Director of Shillington

“Design is all about collaboration for me, and I want to work with people that I can learn from, be challenged by, and create better work.”


Interview with Sarah Louise Kinsella

Creative Director of Louise Agency

“Designers aren’t rigid. We sell change”


Interview with Wenjia Zong

Creative Manager of Limvi Studio

“Professionally, I want to seek a balance between a design to be invoiced and a design for myself”.

Interview with Kinda Ghannoum

Freelance graphic designer

“People with great passion can make the impossible happen.”

Interview with Albert Salamon

CEO at ttmm

“Design for me is a way of structuring and ordering form, adding proper meaning, and endowing it with a kind of mystery”.

Interview with Chun-Hui Chang

Visual Designer

“My ultimate goal in life is to create what I love and love what I create."

Interview with Beck Storer

Founder of The Cutaway

“The consistent challenge of the unknown. Every project has a unique story to be discovered, and it is our role to discover this and share it with the world”

Interview with Ming-Hsuan Lee

Multi-disciplinary Designer and Illustrator

"How can we do better? And after a great deal of research, I'll start pulling swipes and create a mood board; brainstorm and narrow down potential solutions.” 

Interview with Vicente Gasco Gomez

Product designer, fabrication lab director, and 3D printing professor at Atlantic University College

“Make best of failures, learn from them and make sure the next time you fail you're closer to success”

Interview with John Gheur

Founder of Signature Creative Inc.

“Just be curious, avoid burnout, and always research for ideas.” 

Interview with Ellen Bruss

Owner and Creative Director of Ellen Bruss Design

All of your past experiences, mistakes, and successes influence how you think at the moment. It feels to me that it evolves as you evolve.

Interview with Lee Yew Chyuan

Founder and Lead Designer of Leadlab

“We believe that thoughtfully-crafted designs can make our world a better place and we aspire to create designs that fall into this category".

Interview with Molteni Marco

Co-Founder of Jekyll and Hyde

“It comes down to the vision we have of how to be a good designer: to allow our job to incorporate a rigorous, rational and meditative side with an emotional, playful and irreverent approach.”

Interview with Gabriel Celuque

Founder and Director of Hover Creative

“Getting to help our clients improve their businesses, their lives and those around them is what I love most about my work".

Interview with Merril Cledera

Graphic Designer and Art Director

"Cliché as it may sound but to see a person smile because he/she saw my work is enough to make me happy".

Interview with Meaghan Dee

Graphic Designer and Chair for the Graphic Design program at Virginia Tech

"Listen to the client. Ask questions. Listen more. Take notes. Research the problem. Sketch. Check out the competition. Refine ideas. Develop. Repeat if necessary”. 

Interview with Evelyn Tran

Creative Designer

“As an Australian designer of Chinese-Vietnamese descent, creating a harmonious balance between Eastern and Western elements within my work is of utmost importance."

Interview with Irina Nosova

Founder of Lettering by Irina

"Never give up on a dream just because of the time it takes to accomplish it."

Interview with Camille Muller

Art Director at OZWE Games

"Less is More. The simple and practical design is the most difficult to do, but also the best one.”

Interview with Clement Young

Founder of Bdworkshop

“A successful design is something that can draw your attention. It makes you want to spend the money to buy it when you see it in the shop”

Interview with Lee Selsick

Chief Executive and Creative Director of Next Brand

“My focus is very much on team building. Getting our business to be a hotbed of great designers producing meaningful work.”

Interview with Mathew Sage

Yoyo’s Creative Lead

"I spent lots of spare time learning Photoshop and Illustrator and started sending requests to friends to work on theirs. This made me realize how much I loved designing, so I went off to study at college and have never looked back"

Interview with Secret Location

An Emmy® Award-winning virtual reality studio

As a company, we strongly believe in collaboration and that a good idea can come from anyone. We prioritize this over ego, the best idea wins [and] it doesn’t matter where it comes from

Interview with Matteo Bonera, Benedetta Signaroldi & Giacomo Bettiol

The Visual Agency

“We grew into one of the few agencies in Europe that produce infographics, motion graphics, and interactive data-visualizations by extracting and explaining data-based narratives and visualizing complex qualitative knowledge”

Interview with Simon Dunford

Typeface Designer and Graphic Designer

“My main reason for becoming a designer was to understand branding, I loved how brands were perceived and I focused a lot of time researching the reasoning for how big brands succeed”

Interview with Dino Franke

Freelance UX/UI Designer @ GROHE AG

“You should always think about possible downsides of your creative solution before presenting to a client. Argument sell better than opinions, so be prepared!” 

Interview with Marcos Chavez

Co-founder and creative director of TODA

“Being a designer is not easy (if you’re doing it right) but if you set the goal of simply improving yourself just a little bit every day, then what you can achieve in four years will be quite remarkable."

Interview with Michelle Tang

Visual Designer

“To me, the biggest challenge is communicating with different parties. Before I can start exploring and having fun with the visuals, I have to work with different parties to research, plan, and organize— things that really bore me as a designer. 


Interview with Michael Parson

Founder of Typogama

’Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.’ - I like this quote since I find the creative journey so inconstant— you [can be] on top of the world one day and feel completely deflated the next.

Interview with Karl-Magnus Boske

Founder of Boske Design

“I love graphic design and believe in its power to change, make a difference, and engage.”

Interview with Sumayya Alsenan

Art Director of Neoscape

“I like to think of any projects as problems. Break the big problem into smaller problems and try to resolve them one by one."

Interview with Alex Donne Johnson

Creative Director of Dazzle Ship

“I′d say the biggest influence has definitely been negative learning experiences. You can learn so much more from mistakes, both yours and other people’s rather than when everything is going smoothly. For this reason, I think it′s important to find ways to push yourself out of your comfort zone"

Interview with Gabriela Pérez Ponce

Graphic Designer at Datawheel LLC.

My wish is that I will never lose the desire to learn new things and continue to surround myself with people as brilliant as the people with whom I am currently working with."

Interview with Celina Oh

A recent graduate of the Academy of Art University, School of Graphic Design and Digital Media in San Francisco

A recent graduate of the Academy of Art University, School of Graphic Design and Digital Media in San Francisco

Interview with Tobias Wibbeke

co-founder of Persuaid Design

“For me, the most rewarding thing in design is to build something from a blank piece of screen or paper that hasn’t been there before and ensure the possibility of changing things for the better.”

Interview with Stefano Marrone

Nucco Brain

We blend the old world and new— the ancient tradition of storytelling and a youthful curiosity for diving headfirst into the latest technologies in content production, animation, video recording, and audio recording. We design visual experiences that capture the attention of an increasingly distracted audience

Interview with Daniel Coutinho Ferreira

Buck Creative Studio

"I learned a lot from experience, so many directors were responsible for teaching me important aspects of the trade. When you receive good feedback from a director, you carry that with you onto your next tasks.”

Interview with Kimberly Cruickshanks

Founder and Lead Branding Designer at Fuze Branding

"Graphic design is not a born talent (I sucked in the beginning). It takes practice and holding yourself accountable for continuous improvement,”

Interview with Alia Bazzi

Founder of Manifest Design Inc

"Always welcome constructive criticism. Allow yourself to grow from it, it will make your work look stronger and carry a more powerful concept"

Interview with Iris Morales and Joel Martinez

Creators of Eme Design Studio

"There are no rules to being creative. Many people may have a process but we react to what’s in front of us. Sometimes, we do have to rely on each other to help us get through a creative block but there is no set process"

Interview with Jonathan Chan

A Digital Director @ Convey

Convey is a human-centred UX studio. That believes in creating seamless flow of opportunities to help stakeholders achieve their goals, with the end user in mind.

Interview with Huei-Tai Chen

Graphic designer based in New York

“never settle down with one pattern or solution, you can or SHOULD figure out a better one for the next project… always set a higher standard for yourself.”

Interview with Kitamoto Koichiro

Founder of CICATA, Inc.

"I believe design is one of the tools that solve a problem; therefore, a design that doesn’t solve a problem is meaningless to me."

Interview with Jaye Kang

a Dusseldorf based illustrator and visual designer

“My life was headed down the incoherence lane since my early years. Until I found design and fell in love with it...”

Interview with Davide Colla

Digital Branding guru of 150UP

“My life was headed down the incoherence lane since my early years. Until I found design and fell in love with it...”

Interview with David Schwen

Founder of Dschwen LLC.

"Never stop learning and always be comfortable with failing. Failing, by experimenting, is a great way to grow as a designer. If you ever feel too comfortable with how you’re working, try to mix it up and try something new. If you fail, big deal, at least you might have learned something along the way."

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