Alexey Lysogorov: Look Beyond the Specifics of Your Business

Graphic Designer and Art Director

by Elizabeth Lavis


07 Feb 2024

Gold Winner in Branding for Sports 2023
“Look for inspiration in all the beauty and diversity of life, like cinema, music, and art. These places are full of attention points for designers and you can also learn from them” 

Alexey Lysogorov’s primary duty as a Graphic Designer and Art Director for large projects is to dress brands in newfangled clothes. He works with large clients in Kyrgyzstan, including banks, construction companies, universities, and food manufacturers, and balances this work by allowing himself a healthy dose of distraction. “Everything distracts me,” Lysogorov says. “I don’t fight it, but try to devote time to what distracts me, whether it’s to go see a concert, visit an exhibition, or ride a bike.”

Lysogorov believes firmly in following his path and advises aspiring designers to branch out from the specifics of their design business and start finding creative fuel in a multitude of different places. “A good designer is versatile and educated,” he says. “Look for inspiration in all the beauty and diversity of life, like cinema, music, and art. These places are full of attention points for designers, and you can also learn from them.” 

Lysogorov comes from St. Petersburg but has lived and worked his entire life in Kyrgyzstan. “My design is often a mixture of Western and Eastern culture,” he says. When Lysogorov was growing up, he had an aptitude for design but also dreamt of being an athlete or musician. “In the end, design conquered everything,” he says. “I have a special history with design. My father and mother are professional graphic designers, so I was drawn into the profession from childhood.” 

"MultiSport", Alexey Lysogorov

His design approach is highly meticulous, with a focus on quality work. “It’s smart, conceptual, detailed, heavy on typography, and unique in content,” Lysogorov says. He strikes a balance between creativity and strategy by creating a few choices, allowing the client to choose the path. “I make three options: close to strategy, as creative as possible, and average,” he says.  

Ultimately, the most important aspect of design for Lysogorov is that it is something new, and he thinks many technical tools are a bit overrated. “They are still secondary,” he says. The only tool of the trade that I can’t live without is the Internet.”

Lysogorov’s love for what he does shields him from getting burned out. “You must really like your job,” he says. “I look forward to designing in the morning. Without a desire for creativity and discovery, it’s impossible to sustain intense work,” He also handles criticism with the same optimism and confidence. “You need to look for useful points in criticism,” he says. “They make you stronger. I try to use criticism as a ladder to improve my skills and creativity.” Lysogorov uses this momentum and constructive criticism to help him achieve his professional goals: to become an even more successful designer, help clients, and mentor up-and-comers in the field.

He also derives a lot of personal satisfaction from his work. “It’s an extremely interesting life,” he says. “I like it when my design lives and brings success to the client. Seeing your product on shelves or your logo on a bank sign is excellent. These designs can outlive you, too. You influence the world and desire to make it more beautiful, smarter, and better.”

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