Ana Camero: Question Everything

Art Director of QNY Creative

by Elizabeth Lavis


22 Jan 2024

Gold Winner in Branding for Restaurants / Cafe 2022
“If the design is beautiful but also succeeds in communicating exactly what I want, it’s on a good path”

Art Director and go-to person for QNY Creative, Ana Camero, believes in the power of questioning everything especially when it comes to design. Her bold, color-saturated work uses interesting lettering and bold graphics to get the message across in a fresh way. 

Camero hails from Bogota, Colombia, and credits her roots for her work ethic and design process. “Being from South America has shaped my hardworking and restless character, which affects how I approach every project. I’m always trying to give my best,” she says. As a child, Camero wanted to work in fashion but eventually honed and perfected her skills in graphic design. “I’ve always been a creative person with a lot of attention to detail,” she says. “I used to spend all my young days drawing dresses or creating collages and magazines, and that’s when I realized I had to pursue a creative path.”

Camero’s process starts with a simple mood board, which she uses to piece together the feel and aesthetic of the design. I also reference the client’s competitors to see what’s already on the market,” she says. After this initial step, Camero is ready to start some preliminary sketching. “I create a visual proposal to see what may work, and once it’s discussed internally with the team, I start improving on one or two until we think it’s ready for client review,” she says. “I also like to co-create with my colleagues, get feedback, and fine-tune things.” 

Function and meaning are two of the most essential elements of design for Camero. “If the design is beautiful but also succeeds in communicating exactly what I want, it’s on a good path,” she says. “Typography and color can tell you immediately if a design is working.” Camero checks in regularly with clients throughout every step of this process. “Clients are very involved in our day-to-day work,” she says. “Their feedback is very important.”

"Mezcalista Miami Lounge", QNY Creative

Occasionally the design team and client disagree on the trajectory of a project. Camero emphasizes that diplomacy and leaving egos aside are vital for finding commonality in these situations. “If a client’s feedback is going to hurt the design or project, I voice my opinion and try to find a middle ground between what they want and what our expertise thinks might work for them,” she says. Trust and transparency are excellent ways to keep things collaborative and establish trust and rapport. “I am ready to listen to what the client wants, and then I try to merge that with my vision for them,” she says. “We find a space where we both feel comfortable.”

Camero juggles different projects and avoids burnout by keeping everything organized and using a visual checklist to prioritize different steps. “I like to have several projects at once because it never gets boring,” she says. Since projects can take anywhere from one to three weeks for creative digital campaigns and one to four months for branding and packaging design, it’s essential to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

 When she needs to take a break, Camero turns to music, takes walks, drinks a coffee, and gives her mind a rest until she’s ready to jump back into the task at hand. She also focuses on her other passions, like browsing art museums. 

Camero’s advice to aspiring designers is simple; embrace lifelong learning. “Never stop questioning the world,” she says. “When you question it, you learn new things and have great experiences.” 

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