Edit Gyenge: Crafting Beautiful Data

Information Designer

by Elizabeth Lavis


25 Jan 2024

Gold Winner in Infographics for Graphic Design 2023
“The ability to take complex data and turn it into a visually engaging, easily understandable story is incredibly rewarding”

As an information designer and crafter of beautiful data, Edit Gyenge specializes in communicating visually appealing and valuable messages with data design and has always had an affinity for the visual world. “Design has been something that I’ve been drawn to for as long as I can remember,” she says.

Gyenge’s deep dive into data has given her an appreciation for the minute. “The best piece of advice I’ve ever heard is never to underestimate the power of details,” she says. Gyenge also advises aspiring designers to continue working, especially if they have doubts about their skills. “Keep learning,” she says. “It’s okay to feel like you’re not quite there yet. Thinking that you’ve figured it all out means you’ve stopped growing. Instead, embrace that feeling of not being ‘good enough’ because it means that you have so much more to learn.” Gyenge also emphasizes the importance of staying true to your vision. “Stay inspired,” she says. “Seek out inspiration instead of comparison. When you compare yourself or your work to others, it can throw you off your unique path.”

Gyenge also rejects a standard piece of advice. “Don’t stick to what you know,” she says. “True innovation often comes from venturing outside of your comfort zone.” While Gyenge’s portfolio of work comes down to drilling into facts and data, she applies a personal design philosophy to all aspects of her life. “Designing your own life is the ultimate lifelong creative project,” she says. “It’s something everyone has the power to do, and it’s incredibly rewarding because there’s so much to learn, explore, and create.”

"Fear of failure in Romanian entrepreneurship and why women are more afraid than men", Edit Gyenge

Gyenge credits her Romanian and Hungarian heritage for inspiring much of her design. “My roots have deeply influenced my journey,” she says. “This multicultural background has taught me to value diversity and heterogeneity, which has greatly impacted my work. It’s taught me to embrace a variety of perspectives and approaches.”

Gyenge strives for user-centric design, utilizing data visualization, infographics, and interactive narratives. “Prioritizing functionality, accessibility, and visual appeal guides my approach,” she says. “It helps me ensure that my designs aren’t just attractive, but also practical and user-friendly.” She derives deep job satisfaction from the myriad ways she can tell a story. “What I love most about my work is its endless possibilities for visualizing information and crafting compelling narratives,” she says. “The ability to take complex data and turn it into a visually engaging, easily understandable story is incredibly rewarding.” Gyenge sees each project as a new opportunity to explore diverse storytelling methods, employing many visual components to put it together just right. “The joy comes not just from presenting data but transforming it into a narrative that captivates and informs,” she says.

Gyenge’s openness to different approaches often takes her outside her comfort zone. “Working with clients with different needs and styles means I often have to move away from my usual approach,” she says. “It’s a mix of challenge and excitement. I like to think of my style as fluid. Being flexible is key when collaborating with clients from a wide range of industries. It’s all about adapting and finding the right creative solution that fits their unique needs.”

Gyenge also derives inspiration from plenty of different places, including architectural structures. “There’s something about the blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal in buildings that resonates with me,” she says. 

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