Jaspriya Sahmey: Read More, Design Better

Multidisciplinary designer & Senior Designer at Lippincott

by Elizabeth Lavis


14 Feb 2023

Gold in Book Design, Student 2021
“One of the greatest gifts of being a creative person is that you do not need tools to express yourself, ideas can be communicated in the simplest of ways.”

The best advice Jaspriya Sahmey ever heard also seems unconventional, at least initially. Instead of getting design inspiration specifically or primarily from catalogs or digital sources like Instagram, Sahmey’s mentors advised her to go a different, more old-school route.

 “Read more if you want to be a better designer,” Sahmey says, adding that her most significant influences came from parts of the literary world. “I have always been inspired by history, folklore, architecture, old books, and editorials.”


A multidisciplinary designer specializing in brand and visual identity, editorial design, typography, and art direction, Sahmey also does get some of her design inspiration from visual greats like David Carson and Bauhaus. “They (Bauhaus and Carson) have heavily influenced the way I look at the world and approach design,” she says, but she still relies on literature to keep things fresh.

“Besides my work, I’m most passionate about books of untold stories that are rich in typography,” Sahmey says. Jaspriya Sahmey’s catalog of work runs the gamut from digital branding to interior design, and she’s worked with international clients from a vast array of different sectors, like real estate, information technology, and lifestyle brands.  

A graduate of the London College of Communication with a Master’s degree in Graphic Design & Visual Experience from Savannah College of Art and Design, Sahmey’s outstanding work has won her three Indigo Design Awards, a feature in Graphic Design USA’s Annual Awards Showcase, and plenty of additional acclaims.

Part of Sahmey’s success might lie in her meticulous pre-design research, which gets both the client and her on the same page. “I enjoy the exploration phase of a project most about my work,” she says. “I like building a visual identity system, working on grids, and layouts with type and colors.” 

Sahmey does a lot of legwork before visually implementing any part of the design. “I typically start with research and sketching,” she says. “I like to divide my work into four phases; research, planning, exploration, and execution. It also gives me a lot of comfort reading as much as possible about the subject.”

Jaspriya Sahmey’s ideal tools of the trade are simple; a sketchpad and paper. “One of the greatest gifts of being a creative person is that you do not need tools to express yourself,” she says. “Ideas can be communicated in the simplest of ways.”

Sahmey’s most treasured design piece to date fuses her love of photography, travel, typography, and maps. “The Curious Travelers is a title sequence for a documentary aimed at history lovers,” she says. “The design language is inspired by cartographic symbols, constellations, nautical objects, and old letters. Each style frame is comprised of facts and visuals, narrating unique stories and enchanted experiences of travelers around the world.”

While Sahmey’s creative, deliberate style helps her shine on creative pieces like “The Curious Travelers,” her end goal is to use her love of design to educate people about critical global causes. “It would be great if I could get the opportunity to collaborate with leading designers in the industry and design a communication system that spreads awareness on climate change,” Sahmey says.

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