Don't Lock Yourself in a Style

María Cecilia Brarda

by Elizabeth Lavis


14 Sept 2023

Gold Winner in Computer Animation for Graphic Design 2022
“I don’t lock myself into a style or carry out the same process”

As a freelancer, Maria Cecilia Brarda wears many hats, but motion and graphic designer is her preferred job title, crafting type in motion design and marrying impactful and creative fonts with inspired design for an incredible end product. Brarda’s childhood dream was to become a Disney animator, and she discovered that motion design was the perfect fit of design and animation. 

Brarda completed quite a bit of schooling to achieve her objectives. “I studied at Universidad Nacional del Litoral in Santa Fe, Argentina, and did two internships. When I graduated in 2008, I interned at the Universidade da Beira Interior in Portugal. In 2010 I did my Master in Typography at Universidad de Barcelona,” she says.

One of Brarda’s guiding principles is never to pigeonhole herself. “I don’t lock myself into a style or carry out the same process,” she says. She also does an extensive amount of legwork when taking on new projects. “The research part is always important,” she says. “I dedicate a good part of my time to it before coming up with the initial ideas. If the project is very long, I divide it into stages and organize my time to comply with them.”

Bely in Motion

It’s also essential for Brarda to understand the client’s objectives early on. “Knowing the purpose of the piece, I’m designing and clear communication are vital.” Communication is the most critical part of her designs, and she loops her clients into the process at least twice to thrice a week.

Good communication also comes in handy when Brarda is working with a team. “Everyone can stay on the same page through fluid communication, being available if someone needs help, and showing work progress,” she says. An organized agenda and list of priorities also help keep the team on track and stave off burnout.

When pressure does hit, Brarda has a list of ways to stay creative and focused. “I listen to calm music, eat well, take small breaks during work hours to get some fresh air and exercise, shower, and then continue working,” she says. Brarda also stays on top of design trends through social networking, events, and attending classes. “You have to be constantly updated,” she says. Her future objectives include passing that knowledge on by teaching a motion course in New York.

Although Brarda’s schooling gave her the hard skills to pursue motion design, other elements contributed heavily to her design philosophy and vision. “My academic training was important, but traveling and having an open mind, plus the support and encouragement of my family, were vital,” she says. She also draws inspiration from a host of different teachers, guides, and mentors, such as Veronika Burian, Lumbre, FloPicco, Horacio Gorodischer, Andreu Balius, Jose Scaglione, Plenty, and Injaus.

Brarda plans to continue her personal and professional growth by making ample time for herself and her family. “Work is not everything in life,” she says. Additionally, she’ll strive to be brave in all aspects of her work and embrace challenges as they come, always looking to sharpen her skill set and make the next new innovative creation.  

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