Introducing Typographic Trailblazer Simon Dunford

Typeface Designer and Graphic Designer

by Christina Lauren


09 Sept 2019

Gold in Branding 2018
“My main reason for becoming a designer was to understand branding, I loved how brands were perceived and I focused a lot of time researching the reasoning for how big brands succeed”

Step into the world of Simon Dunford, where bright, bold colors entice social existence and typographic freedom add depth to an otherwise simplistic Utopia. Where big city success stemmed from small country living, a humble approach to taking the world by storm. Dunford grew up in a rural prospect of Muskoka before ending up where he is today— London, Canada. After attending the Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning for fundamentals of Fine Arts, followed by graduation from Fanshawe College in Graphic Design, the creator knew design was the dream. Currently, Dunford lends his talent and contributions as a graphic designer at the local London agency, RedRhino.

The journey, of course, felt natural, as Dunford describes his motivation early on. “I was endowed in fine arts from a very young age and aspired to become a skilled painter. Upon my completion of Sheridan College, I was much more interested in graphic design and typography, which lead me down a path toward design,” he says. “My main reason for becoming a designer was to understand branding, I loved how brands were perceived and I focused a lot of time researching the reasoning for how big brands succeed”, says Dunford. For the designer, it all comes down to a fine balance between artistic consistency and visual communication. For example, regarding the artist’s approach to design it’s all about: “Consistency. Most brands fall short when things don't match, [so] I try to make a clear picture of what the problem is and how a solution can be designed. Everything can be said with proper typography and illustration/photography,” he says.


When it comes to style the Canadian-born graphics guru prefers typefaces that are of the unorthodox variety— cut-throat whilst intriguing. Makes sense, as his current fascinations are fueled by bright, bold colors and Mexican themed designs. All this “and simplicity, if all those can be tied together, I am in my own utopia world, but that's rare,” Dunford says. When he isn’t changing the world one bold brand at a time, the artist can be found outdoors. “I love being out in nature, not isolation, but rather trails, interesting scenery, and exploring the areas people seem to avoid in today’s world,” he says. Interestingly enough, staying informed on current trends can take place without Dunford ever needing to leave the house. To keep up on what’s hot in the world today, the artist explains, “Often I just know, we’re surrounded by images and live in a world geared toward our own preferences. It's so easy to just look up good design and see it in the real world without having to move from a chair.”

To track his own success, Dunford turns to an unbiased audience. "Often the best people to ask about a design are non-designers. They will immediately notice things not working and once you let go of an ego or what you think is working you will make something that everyone enjoys. If people like it, to me that's successful,” he says. When it comes to what Dunford likes, that’s simple: “It's always changing, but I would say my own brand/look, I tried to stay away from trends, I use super bright colors and unorthodox design to stay unique,” the brander says. And regarding his work? What he enjoys most is “being able to do what I love and have it make a difference, which is why I like type so much, it's every lasting,” says Dunford.

Professional tips from the designer caution one to never “get too attached to your design,” and Dunford finds this advice worthy of repeating to others in the field. Only a seasoned professional has the know-how to stay creative under so much pressure, and for the artist, the solution is easy: “Work faster! And just get it done. If there is a deadline it's time to leave ego at the door and just get it done,” With this method, “most of the time I'm happy with the work I'm doing,” he says. And the world can’t complain either, for when it comes to future goals, the creator will be keeping busy. For Dunford, plans include “to actually finish some of the typeface projects I have on the go and create more custom type. [Also], I would love to work with some mid-sized brands and help them find a typographic solution,” Dunford says. To find out more about the artist visit

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