Wenjia Zong: Transforming Pressure into Prodigy

Creative Manager of Limvi Studio

by Elizabeth Lavis


23 Dec 2020

Gold in Digital Art 2019
“Professionally, I want to seek a balance between a design to be invoiced and a design for myself”.

Wenjia Zong, Creative Manager of Limvi Studio, fuses humility, hard work, and a tried-and-true process to create stunning designs for clients all over the world. Each piece is thought-out, focused, and deliberate, a product of Zong’s ethos of less is more, and a testament to her ambition and drive.

Zong was born in Yunnan, China, and grew up with art as a way of documenting daily life and communicating with others. “There are a lot of ethnic groups in my hometown,” she said. “(The art of) creating with meaning and design to record life is used among different groups. These methods are the inspiration for my work.” 


Zong’s first introduction to art and design came courtesy of a local fashion program. “I started with fashion design,” she said. “I created my first design set when I was 12 for our school performance. After graduation, I slowly transformed all of my design skills into graphic design and visual art.”

Today, Zong spearheads one of California’s most creative and cutting-edge agencies, pairing her natural eye for excellent design with the grit that it takes to satisfy challenging clients. “I believe some pressure is the stimulant of being creative,” she said. “There is a sweet spot of the pressure level that makes the creative process more exciting and smooth.”

While Zong embraces the adrenaline rush of looming deadlines, she also takes a measured approach to getting her design ideas off the ground. “I spend 60 percent (of my time) thinking and researching. The priority is to get the mind right.” Once Zong has the perfect kernel of a concept, she’s ready to implement the process, creating multiples of her vision and eliminating them until only the best remains.

Her process and expertise generally put clients at ease, and she coaxes them to trust her judgment by patiently explaining the process and checking in with them about their feelings every step of the way. When clients do get upset, Zong avoids taking it personally, instead preferring to see effective design as a particular tool to solve a specific solution. “If the request is not met, the solution is not provided, then the tool will not work.”

Generally, it’s the most streamlined approach that will be the best tool. Zong believes that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and that fine design stays relevant and impactful. She said that client satisfaction and a product that she can be proud of are two things she loves most about her work. “That is an amazing feeling of design joy,” she said.

Zong draws inspiration from Design of Design by Kenya Hara, as well as fashion shows and other designers on Dribble and Behance. She would ultimately like to balance her design for work with design that she creates for herself. “Professionally, I want to seek a balance between a design to be invoiced and a design for myself,” she said. 

Zong values the importance of travel and experience other cultures, as well as caring for the planet. She is a vegetarian, animal lover, and a voracious learner. Limvi Studio’s enchanting and smart designs reflect her commitment to excellence and willingness to step outside of the box. It’s a deadly combination that will only skyrocket her further in the design world.

To find out more about Zong’s work and vision, visit Limvi’s portfolio here.

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