Xiaodie Huang: A Calm Mindset and Good Time Management

Graphic Designer

by Elizabeth Lavis


19 Jan 2024

Gold Winner in Branding for Graphic Design 2023
“It’s important to be productive and efficient, as your team relies on you to deliver high-quality designs within a specific timeframe”

Indigo 2023 Freelancer Gold Winner in Branding for Graphic Design Xiaodie Huang’s philosophy hinges on finding peace in the chaos. “I have realized through experience that maintaining a calm and relaxed mindset is crucial for leading a satisfying life,” she says. “Whenever I encounter difficulties, I remind myself of this personal philosophy, which helps me overcome obstacles in all aspects of life. As a designer, I frequently encounter novel challenges that necessitate venturing beyond my comfort zone. Having this philosophy is beneficial for me to stay creative.”

Huang also believes in the importance of time management and understanding what projects take precedence at particular times. “There may be times when multiple tasks are happening simultaneously, and strict deadlines need to be met,” she says. “In these situations, it’s important to prioritize tasks and allocate time in a way that doesn’t impact the team’s workflow. Over time, this habit will lead to greater productivity and reduced stress.”

She also firmly believes that proper time management is one of the key skills that aspiring designers need to master if they want to get ahead in their fields. “Effective time management is crucial to success in the workplace,” she says. “It’s important to be productive and efficient, as your team relies on you to deliver high-quality designs within a specific timeframe.” She also notes that the real world is often more hectic and deadline-oriented than school. “While in school, we have more flexibility to refine our designs, but in the workplace, learning how to prioritize tasks and improve your workflow to meet the team’s needs is essential,” she says. 

"Hammer Museum", Xiaodie Huang

Huang is from China but currently lives in Los Angeles, and she credits her unique designs to an inquisitiveness about her surroundings and her ability to pull inspiration from every neighborhood. “The experience of living in various cities both in China and the United States has taught me the importance of being open-minded and quick to absorb different cultures,” she says. Huang is also curious and open-minded, which can unlock fresh inspiration and ideas. “I am always eager to learn about stories and backgrounds, and I’m not afraid of encountering differences,” she says. “I am open to new opportunities to work with multidisciplinary designers.”

In college, Huang majored in Communication Studies but rapidly discovered she had a knack and passion for design. “I found myself drawn to art and design classes,” she says. “While experimenting with shapes, working on paper, and studying typography, I realized that I enjoyed these activities more than writing papers.” She also became intrigued by different typefaces after seeing two documents from different eras. “I was fascinated by how they could express various emotions and tell unique stories based on how they were designed on the canvas,” she says. “Moreover, I love that I can take my ideas and thoughts and bring them to life for a greater purpose.”

Huang adjusts her design approach to fit each project, but there are some fundamental steps that she adheres to. “I do thorough research to uncover a unique perspective,” she says. “I use various methods such as conducting interviews, watching documentaries, and seeking inspiration beyond graphic design.” This allows her to imagine various solutions, which she brainstorms with other designers to target the best approach. “I find it fascinating to gain insights from others’ perspectives, as it often leads to the generation of exceptional ideas and designs,” she says. 

In creating the best design she can, Huang hopes to relay a compelling story. “A good design tells a powerful story and can touch people on a deeper level and positively impact their lives,” she says.

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