Anastasiya Mokhan

Treatment Designer (TV/Internet)

What I do is create visual presentations for the directors who want to shoot commercials for TV/Internet. As a treatment designer I have worked with various clients from all over the world. Some of them are Apple, Google, Samsung, Cartier, Mercedes, Vodafone, Nike. For 3 years I have been enjoying this field of work as it allows to communicate with such amazing companies and be a part of the whole development process. My main tasks usually include creating presentations and doing the visual research. The main aim is to design presentations for the directors' commercial pitches. Their goal is to perfectly represent directors' ideas for the future commercials. These presentations are usually called 'treatments' and include such parts as Art Direction, Look & Feel, Light, Colour, Casting, Music, Sound, Approach, Tone, Detailed script description. After receiving treatments, clients go through them carefully paying attention to the visual references, tone of voice, design of the layout and choose the winning director. He or she will eventually shoot the TV/Internet commercial for the client. My aim in this process also includes transferring the ideas and thoughts of the directors in the visual form to the clients. Recently I have created the presentation that helped the director win the pitch and shoot the commercial for the Olympics. The other project that I worked on was the presentation for music video of the singer Khalid. This video got about 7 million views on YouTube. And one of my favourite projects to work on with Google Pixel, the video turned out just great, inspiring and energetic.

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