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Interview with Alex Donne Johnson

Creative Director of Dazzle Ship

“I′d say the biggest influence has definitely been negative learning experiences. You can learn so much more from mistakes, both yours and other people’s rather than when everything is going smoothly. For this reason, I think it′s important to find ways to push yourself out of your comfort zone"

Interview with Celina Oh

A recent graduate of the Academy of Art University, School of Graphic Design and Digital Media in San Francisco

A recent graduate of the Academy of Art University, School of Graphic Design and Digital Media in San Francisco

Interview with Gabriela Pérez Ponce

Graphic Designer at Datawheel LLC.

My wish is that I will never lose the desire to learn new things and continue to surround myself with people as brilliant as the people with whom I am currently working with."

Interview with Tobias Wibbeke

co-founder of Persuaid Design

“For me, the most rewarding thing in design is to build something from a blank piece of screen or paper that hasn’t been there before and ensure the possibility of changing things for the better.”

Interview with Stefano Marrone

Nucco Brain

We blend the old world and new— the ancient tradition of storytelling and a youthful curiosity for diving headfirst into the latest technologies in content production, animation, video recording, and audio recording. We design visual experiences that capture the attention of an increasingly distracted audience

Interview with Daniel Coutinho Ferreira

Buck Creative Studio

"I learned a lot from experience, so many directors were responsible for teaching me important aspects of the trade. When you receive good feedback from a director, you carry that with you onto your next tasks.”

Interview with Kimberly Cruickshanks

Founder and Lead Branding Designer at Fuze Branding

"Graphic design is not a born talent (I sucked in the beginning). It takes practice and holding yourself accountable for continuous improvement,”

Interview with Alia Bazzi

Founder of Manifest Design Inc

"Always welcome constructive criticism. Allow yourself to grow from it, it will make your work look stronger and carry a more powerful concept"

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