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Interview with Camille Muller

Art Director at OZWE Games

"Less is More. The simple and practical design is the most difficult to do, but also the best one.”

Interview with Clement Young

Founder of Bdworkshop

“A successful design is something that can draw your attention. It makes you want to spend the money to buy it when you see it in the shop”

Interview with Lee Selsick

Chief Executive and Creative Director of Next Brand

“My focus is very much on team building. Getting our business to be a hotbed of great designers producing meaningful work.”

Interview with Mathew Sage

Yoyo’s Creative Lead

"I spent lots of spare time learning Photoshop and Illustrator and started sending requests to friends to work on theirs. This made me realize how much I loved designing, so I went off to study at college and have never looked back"

Interview with Secret Location

An Emmy® Award-winning virtual reality studio

As a company, we strongly believe in collaboration and that a good idea can come from anyone. We prioritize this over ego, the best idea wins [and] it doesn’t matter where it comes from

Interview with Matteo Bonera, Benedetta Signaroldi & Giacomo Bettiol

The Visual Agency

“We grew into one of the few agencies in Europe that produce infographics, motion graphics, and interactive data-visualizations by extracting and explaining data-based narratives and visualizing complex qualitative knowledge”

Interview with Simon Dunford

Typeface Designer and Graphic Designer

“My main reason for becoming a designer was to understand branding, I loved how brands were perceived and I focused a lot of time researching the reasoning for how big brands succeed”

Indigo Award introduces a new main category: Design for Social Change

There was such a high number of admissions relating to social issues that behold — a new category was born: Design for Social Change.

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