Jay Chang - RF Creative Agency: Keep Cultivating Curiosity

Founder and Creative Director of RF Creative Agency

by Elizabeth Lavis


19 Feb 2024

Gold Winner in Branding for Banking & Finances 2023
"When collaborating with clients who have urgent problems to solve, strategy takes precedence, but in some cases, creativity becomes the strategy itself. It depends on the situation"

If Mr. Jay Chang, Founder and Creative Director of RF Creative Agency, were to give one piece of advice to aspiring designers, it would be to cultivate curiosity and think outside the box. "It's important always to cultivate your curiosity about all aspects of life and explore them as extensively as possible in various ways." 

Chang himself is driven by a deep curiosity and a strong desire to address practical, real-world problems. "Before starting any design or animation task, big or small, I always ask myself the question 'how can I make this interesting?' I hate to produce thing that have no value, and I hate to waste people's time," he says. 

Chang was raised in Taiwan and studied in the United States, which gave him a unique perspective. "It exposed me both to Eastern and Western perspectives on holistic and individualistic thinking," he says. "This unique blend of influences has shaped my approach to problem-solving through design in a distinctive manner." 

His approach is distinctive and methodical also, beginning with getting to the core of the problem and identifying multiple effective approaches. "Then, we narrow it down to the one that checks all the boxes," Chang says. He balances strategy and creativity by addressing the client's situation and needs and calculating the best approach. "Creativity has little value if it cannot be effectively applied," he says. "When collaborating with clients who have urgent problems to solve, strategy takes precedence, but in some cases, creativity becomes the strategy itself. It depends on the situation."

Vader Protocol Rebrand

Chang's average design campaign takes about two months, and he stays in weekly contact with his clients. He regularly touches base with his team to ensure that they understand the work involved and get clear instructions. "Frequent and direct communication is crucial, but most importantly, they need to sense that their efforts are creating a significant impact," he says.

He keeps his creative spark field by taking quality breaks and trying to manage burnout. "I still experience burnout regularly," Chang says. "However, if I were to think about how to improve, it would probably involve setting strict, dedicated time for each project. If that time runs out and the task isn't finished, move on to the next project."

Chang works hard to establish trust and rapport by attempting to see the project through the client's eyes and grasp where they're coming from. "I always try to see things from their perspective and truly understand their needs and challenges," he says. "It's one of the best ways to establish trust."

His personal and professional goals include continued growth and learning, embracing tech and sustainability, cultivating long-lasting relationships, and expanding his hobbies. "My three goals moving forward are to stay lean, fast, and adaptable, be truly honest and relatable, and build an awesome company culture," he says.

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