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Interview with Ming-Hsuan Lee

Multi-disciplinary Designer and Illustrator

"How can we do better? And after a great deal of research, I'll start pulling swipes and create a mood board; brainstorm and narrow down potential solutions.” 

Interview with Vicente Gasco Gomez

Product designer, fabrication lab director, and 3D printing professor at Atlantic University College

“Make best of failures, learn from them and make sure the next time you fail you're closer to success”

Interview with John Gheur

Founder of Signature Creative Inc.

“Just be curious, avoid burnout, and always research for ideas.” 

Interview with Ellen Bruss

Owner and Creative Director of Ellen Bruss Design

All of your past experiences, mistakes, and successes influence how you think at the moment. It feels to me that it evolves as you evolve.

Interview with Lee Yew Chyuan

Founder and Lead Designer of Leadlab

“We believe that thoughtfully-crafted designs can make our world a better place and we aspire to create designs that fall into this category".

Interview with Molteni Marco

Co-Founder of Jekyll and Hyde

“It comes down to the vision we have of how to be a good designer: to allow our job to incorporate a rigorous, rational and meditative side with an emotional, playful and irreverent approach.”

Interview with Gabriel Celuque

Founder and Director of Hover Creative

“Getting to help our clients improve their businesses, their lives and those around them is what I love most about my work".

Interview with Merril Cledera

Graphic Designer and Art Director

"Cliché as it may sound but to see a person smile because he/she saw my work is enough to make me happy".

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